You'd be surprised, but 
up to 40% of men report regular PE, with up to 75% admitting they'd love to last longer in bed

Still, the vast majority of people do nothing about it, accept it as it is, and do 
no research.

The Stop-Start Method

This process is repeated three times. You finish after the fourth one.

The method can be performed solo, too. Just use it until you have gained more control

But if you want a more systematic approach that considers your background, head to the link in the bio and get your own program.

The Practice of Sensate Focus

The main idea is to help you get out of your head and bring you into your body during intercourse.

The practice achieves that by refocusing you on your own senses and bodily experiences instead of goal-oriented behavior.

Sensate focus exercises only require two trusting partners (or you do you, again) and about half an hour in the privacy of their own homes.

The main hang-up is… 
you can't actually have sex. That is, until the last phase of the exercise.


Just like any other muscle in your body, those responsible for urination, erection, and ejaculation, can be trained

Originally developed by 
Dr. Arnold Kegel in the late 1940s, pelvic floor-strengthening exercises also treat ED and prevent PE in men. Some say they're even experiencing stronger orgasms.

Kegel exercises are completely safe, easy, 
can be done anywhere, and cost nothing to try

You have just performed your very first 
Kegel exercise. Ready for a full workout?