The Coach method is unique in its comprehensiveness. We will not only design a tailored sexual health program for you, based on your preferences (to do so, please make sure you go through a survey in your Sexual Health section of the Tools tab), but also we will build a protocol which covers sport, nutrition, sleep and mental health. You may wonder, why?

That's exactly what our method is built on:
The ultimate marker of men's health is our testosterone levels. They drop once we get older. Society will tell you it's normal. We are telling you – it is not. It doesn't have to. Your body is competent (apart from a tiny percentage of cases of hormonal diseases) to produce enough testosterone. What prevents you from feeling it is the conversion of testosterone into estradiol due to body fat, which is always the result of our life choices.

The system we designed will help you revert this condition and lead to a perfectly functioning body: lean, full of energy, with perfect sleep, high libido, and of course, self-confidence. The body you thought was impossible, the body you fully deserve.

But it's not only about the body, and it's about the spirit and mindset as well. Building a routine that will help you maintain this state for years is precisely what The Coach is about.

Your program includes daily practices, courses, and a bit of theory to explain how everything works. Go through all the surveys, follow your Daily action plan (it tells you exactly what to do and when), let us know if you need additional support, and observe how you transform yourself into somebody you were designed to become.

Friendly, The Coach team.