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of men will have significantly thinner hair by the age of 50
American Hair Loss Association
Hair loss is very common
Lack of
There are known causes of hair loss
will keep their hair
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stages of hair loss
3–6 month
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A sulfate free shampoo designed by dermatologists 
to support healthy hair
DHT fighting shampoo for hair-loss
3–6 month
receding hairlines
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1 daily capsule
$ 55 / month
A 90 day supply of FDA approved finasteride, a prescription treatment used for receding hairline
A once-a-day prescription tablet 
to increase hair growth and help reverse hair loss
The finasteride hair loss plan
3–6 month
overall thinning hair
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capsule & shampoo
$ 69 / month
A daily combination of finasteride,

a prescription treatment for male pattern baldness, and DHT fighting shampoo, 
a topical solution for healthy hair.
Maximizes hair growth success: increasing hair growth & reversing hair loss
The total hair loss plan
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Dr. Sakla is an internal medicine specialist that is Board Certified in Internal Medicine affiliated with multiple hospitals.
REX MD Clinical Advisor
Dr. Jeremy Fine is a highly experienced internist, former medical instructor named one of "L.A.'s Best Physicians".
REX MD Clinical Advisor
Dr. Anthony Puopolo is a physician specializing in family medicine, psychiatry, and integrative medicine.
Let our licensed physicians recommend the most effective way to treat your individual causes of hair loss
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Let our licensed physicians recommend the most effective way to treat your individual causes of hair loss
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Individual results may vary. Always consult a qualified health professional to determine if atreatment plan is right for you.
O to 3 months
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