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Mike Navratil
Worked with hundreds of athletes, and weekend warriors to help them take their fitness to the next level, and you're next!
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Strength training
Born and raised in Ohio and a former collegiate athlete, performing at a high level has always been a part of my life, and now I get to help those I work with perform and learn how to do so at a high level. I have worked with college athletics for 7 years, and have also worked in the private sector helping people achieving goals such as working out for the first time, to preparing for national championships. I like to treat all my clients like athletes, because we all have the goal to perform at a high level, though our specific goals in that realm may change.
I live in Ohio with my wife Sophia, and enjoy spending my free time outside at the lake, with friends, or traveling.
CSCS (strength and conditioning)
PN1 (precision nutrition certified coach)
RPR (reflexive performance reset)
USAW (Sport performance coach)
Time outdoors
Quality time with family
Beer and bourbon
Central Ohio