• Rick Brennan
    Pro Athlete WFFPRO, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist
    Rick Brennan holds over 25 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and has trained alongside some of Australia's and the World's best trainers & athletes.

    Rick is not only a personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is a Professional Fitness athlete, a strength and conditioning coach, a nutritionist, and a mental health advocate who has transformed thousands of bodies and lives. Now it's your turn.
Introduction to The Coach Muscle Building Course
Outlining basic terms. Body composition as a health factor. Lean body mass and body fat percentage.
Science Behind Building Muscle
Dispelling common myths. Muscle growth factors. Recruiting motor units. Strength vs. hypertrophy training.
Basics of Resistance Training
Main principles of resistance training (weight range, sets x reps, rest duration). The Coach Muscle-Building Workout Plan.
High-Intensity Interval Training
Main principles of HIIT. Differences between HIIT and resistance training. HIIT as a metabolic finisher. Creating a HIIT routine.
Muscle Mass and Testosterone
Relationship between sex hormones and physical activity. Testosterone vs. cortisol. Optimizing training for increased testosterone production.
Rest and Recovery
Importance of recovery (that's when the growth happens). Finding the right balance. CNS vs. muscle fatigue. Recovery protocol and tips.
Avoiding Injuries
Importance of proper form and adequate weights. Building up to higher weights. Machines vs. free weights. Momentum and cadence.
Optimal Nutrition for Muscle Growth
Calculating BMR, protein requirements, and other macros. Bulking, cutting, and body recomposition. Caloric density and satiety.